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This is a Clilstore unit. You can link all words to dictionaries.

Universe 2 hours

To introduce the subject, look the next video and try to complete the test below


In groups of two or three people, complete this task using your own words, or looking for the information on the internet (if you need you have an example of solar system down)

Timing: 15 mins

At the end, teacher will clarify any doubt

Timing: 10 mins


Now, is the moment to put in practise your skills, using the same groups, you will have to do an online mural talking about a planet that the teacher say you, taking into account that in the next session you will use to do a presentation. To create that mural, you should use the next tool, glogster


Timing: 35 mins


First of all, you will have the oportunity to create a guide that help tou to expose the subject, but only have 5 minuts to do that, after that, the teacher will call  using aleatory way  the groups to expose your murals. 

Timing: 5 mins

Now is the moment to explain to the rest of the class the content appears in their glogster that you have created, you can use your guide created before.

Timing: 20 mins

When everybody has finished their presentations, it will have a time to do a feedback between the classmates and the teacher will highlights the more relevant parts of the task

Timing: 5 mins

Once the teacher explains the new subject, related to the movements of the earth, you should answer the follow test

Timing: 20 mins

You can use the next presentation to take information

 or watching next video


After that, Teacher will clarify possible doubts that appear in class and will solve the questions done.

Timing: 10 mins



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