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MAY 15 & 22, 2017




General Information

Alla Turca, Mozart

Made by

Patricia Balaguer Rodríguez


In this class, we are going to meet Mozart and his song “Alla Turca”.

Through a video characterized with drawings about the song, we will know some of the most important instruments that appear in it. In this way we can learn their names, families, how they are played and the sound they make.


4th years






Learning Objective


-          To discover instruments: flute, drum, trumpet, horn, piano and violin.

-          To know your sound

-          To recognize your sound

-          To imitate the posture when playing: flute, drum, trumpet, horn, piano and violin.

-          To enjoy the music

-          To met Mozart briefly

-          To know the letters form the names of the instruments.

-          To match the instruments with their names

Success Criteria


-          Visually recognizes the instruments: flute, drum, trumpet, piano, horn and violin.

-          Auditally recognizes instruments.

-          Imitate musicians' posture

-          Enjoy the music

-          Meet the composer of Alla Turca



I will evaluate the session through such questions as:

-          Who composed Alla Turca?

-          What instruments appear in the video of Alla Turca?

And from the observation to ask them to imitate:

-          How do you play the flute / piano / trumpet / horn / drum / violin?

-          Or imitate movements when an instrument sounds to know if they recognize it auditively.





Session Outline



- Introduction to the kind of music and what we are going to do in the next two sessions. (5 min)

- Brief explanation of who in Mozart and his song Alla Turca (5 min)

- Projection of the video (3 min)

- How many instruments come out? Do they know the names in both Spanish and English?, Have they ever seen a real one?... and more doubts and questions that they want to ask (5 min)

- Return to watch the video so they look at how they are each instrument, if they have strings, color, shape, material they are made of. (3 min)

- Talk about their characteristics and explain a little more about each of them, family to which they belong and the position in which they touch. (10 min)

- Watch the video and imitate the positions the teacher makes every time each one sounds. (3 min)

- Say the name of an instrument to mimic the way it is played. And continue with the activity by making each of the students say one instrument and the rest imitate it, and / or imitating an instrument and the rest say the name. (10 min)

- Dismiss the class (1 min)



- Introduction to the music class and review of the previous session. (5 min)

- Projection of the video imitating the positions in each one of the instruments. (3 min)

- Post-video questions (do they remember the names?, do they like their sound? which is their favorite?, have they heard the song at home? ...) and more questions that they want to do. (5 min)

- Listen to the video (audio only) and imitate the positions without seeing them on the screen (to see if they begin to identify them by the timbre) (3 min)

- Only listen to each of the instruments to recognize the timbre (12 min)

- Watch the video and imitate the positions each time each one sounds. (3 min)

- Write the names on the board so that they also begin to identify the names in writing, spelling them. (10 min)

- Dance and play listening Alla Turca for the whole class (3 min)

- Dismiss the class (1 min)



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