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water cycle 2-hour CLIL module


In this module you can learn about the water cycle, what is it? How clouds are formed? How precipitation is formed? How a rainbow is formed?

You've got two explanation videos about water cycle and rainbow formed.

You've can watch and listen to a water cycle rap to learn the vocabulary easily.

To learn and consolidate the given information you've got games and activities.

To finish you can do the experiments about the water cycle and how is a rainbow formed?

1) Water cycle video. You can watch it twice. ( 6 minutes).

2) Rainbow formed video. You can watch it twice. ( 7 minutes).

3) Water cycle rap.  You can watch it twice and sing it. ( 20 minutes).

4) Water cycle activities. ( 1hour).

5) Water cycle game. ( 15 minutes).

6) Video about a water cycle experiment. You can watch it twice ( 10 minutes).

7) Video about a rainbow experiment. You can watch it twice ( 5 minutes).

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