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This is a Clilstore unit. You can link all words to dictionaries.


1st lesson: describe the activity

- Ask to the students about what they know about music types and vegetables.

- We will watch the different songs and dance examples at class (of the veggie boogie), also we will talk about the benefits about eating vegetables:

- They will do groups of four people, the teacher will try to mix people with different level of english.

2nd lesson: practice

- What song/songs are you going to prepare? (Song/Dance…) Will choose one of the musical bases of the Veggie Boogie (music lasts a little over a minute).


-  They will prepare a list about of the benefits, and they will make the phrases for the song.

- The kids will start to practice the dance.

- In the second session will end the activity. They will adapt the information to the music and rehearse the song.


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