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London Underground Unit Five - Getting Around

Getting Around

The best way to get around is to plan your trip before you enter the station. Outside the station will be a map: find where you are, where you want to go, and then plan a route to get there. If you have a choice between routes, try and pick the route that means the fewest changes in lines as it´s better to go a little out of your way but stay on the train than to transfer a lot. Then go into the station and look for the signs directing you towards the line you need at your station. The signs will have the name of the line, the colour of the line, and directions as in Northbound, Eastbound, etc., so try and know this before you get crushed in the mass of people.

When you get to the platform, you can double-check that you´re going in the right direction by looking at the digital signs that tell you which trains are coming next - make sure that the destination station announced on the sign is the right direction you need. Then hop on the train and remember which transfer station you need.

When you get off at a transfer or interchange station, be aware that the platform exits (Way Out´s) for your connecting line might not be the same one as everyone else is taking. Step off to the side of the platform, against the wall, (let all of us locals by - we´ve got REAL jobs to go to...), and then look down the platform and see which exit goes to the line you want - there will always be signs.

If you get totally confused by this (and that begs the question, how on earth did you figure out how to use the Internet....), ask one of the ever-cheerful Underground staffers in the Orange Vests. They almost never get asked for directions, and will love the novelty of it all.

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