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This is a Clilstore unit. You can link all words to dictionaries.

Eating healthy is better! (SCIENCE) 2 hours CLIL module


These sessions (Session 2 and Session 3) correspond to the 2 hours CLIL module and they are the the following to the Clilstore lesson that we have done previously. The objectives of all of them, methodology, materials and resources and how to evaluate are established in our Lesson Plan and Checklist.

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SESSION 2 (60 min)

Once we have seen the videos we are going to work in groups in order to know different typical healthy recipe from different countries or cultures. As we have Pakistani, Chinese, Bulgarian, Moroccan and South American classmates, we are going to divide the class in five groups and each one have investigate, discuss and decide a typical healthy recipe from a different country.

Each pupil from a different nationality will be in a different group in order to be be in contact with each culture as much as possible.

You have to write:

- The chosen recipe in a mural with the ingredients

- The instructions to prepare it

- Photos to ilustrate it

- The reason why this recipe is typical and healthy in each culture

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SESSION 3 (6O min)

In the same groups, make a comic-booklet, which indicate the healthiest eating habits (Analysing and Evaluating). To do it, create a pet or a main character who will be responsible to show the main healthy habits (Creating).



-You will play Power Up Your Breakfast, a game that show you how to eat a healthy breakfast from all five food groups, building a healthy breakfast by selecting foods from a virtual kitchen to put on their breakfast plate. 

-You will prepare a presentation of the mural done in Session 2 to show to your classmates how healthy food is important in every single culture.

-You will complete a Hot Potatoes Quiz in order to check your understanding and achievements through this unit.




Clilstore Power Up Your Breakfast

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