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This is a Clilstore unit. You can link all words to dictionaries.

The human brain

(2 hour lesson)

Session 1


1. Tongue twister: She sells seashells by the seashore.

Listen the tongue wister and look a flashcard about it. 

Seashells tongue twister

Teacher repeats the tongue twister slowly pointing the different parts in the flashcard. 

Game: the teacher point one part of the flashcard and they have to say it orally as faster as possible. 

Finally they say the whole tongue twister. 

2. Online brain puzzle: we will resolve a puzzle and finally there will appear a brain, so pupils will discover about what  we are going to study. 

 We make a brainstorming about what they know about the brain. The teacher explains that the tongue twister is a kind of healthy exercise for our brains.

Lesson Body

3. Play and watch a video: How works the brain?

4. Cooperative work: they should ask their twins one thing they've seen in the video that brain does, they can't repeat between twins. We share the answers orally and talk about the video.



5. Game: giving instructions to our robots.  

They will become robots, so their twins manage their "brain" that controls all their body. Children should follow the instructions that their partners say as "Turn left, turn right, stop or go straight ahead" to move them from one point of the class to another. 


Session 2


1. Mystery boxes: 

Teacher will prepare 5 mystery boxes at class, an also 5 flashcards with the organs senses printed. They shoul look what is inside the box and relate with the flashcard.

5 organs senses

2. Sing the song about the senses.

Once they've seen and dance the song, they just can hear it and should point the sense organs that the song is saying in each moment. 


Lesson body

3. Let's play with the senses! They will play to an online game about the senses.


4. Peer and self evaluation. 

With a memory activity they will check their own knowledge and their partner's knowledge about the brain and the 5 senses. 

Clilstore Brain puzzleSenses game

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