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Means and modes of transport


1.- First, you will do groups of 4. When you are in groups, click on the button "Previous Work" and complete the activities proposed in that document.

2.- After completing the tasks proposed in the "Previous Work" document, you will see the video above while following the transcript below.

3.- After watching the video, click on the "Activities" button and you will try to complete the proposed activities.


Lyrics of the song:

Hey little once you all know that we can

go from one place to another but how do

we go or travel well transportation is a

way to get from one place to another

either by Road water or air also we can

carry load from one place to another

there are three different modes of

transport land water and air we can

travel under owed by a car

bus van cycle motorcycle

taxi scooter we can see many vehicles on

the road such as truck lorry

ambulance fire engine

police car

train is a means of transport on land it

runs on a trap it is the most popular

means of transport and is very well

connected a train is in charge of an

engine driver we can travel on water by

a ship

or both balls I used to travel small

distances small boats are used by the

fishermen to catch fish before air

travel was discovered people used to

travel by ships but it takes a long time

to travel by a ship a captain is in

charge of a ship we can travel in air by

an aero plane or helicopter a pilot

flies a plane and a co-pilot assists him

in flying air travel is the fastest mode

of transport and is preferred by


helicopters are used to cover small

distances airplanes are used to travel

from one place to another within a short

span of time rockets I used to go to

space astronauts travel by rockets to

land on the moon so children by using

the different modes of transport we can

go from one place to another it's fun

right to go to granny's place by train

or just flying to your cousin's house

that's something that we really look

forward to during the summer holidays

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