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0:05 Hello kids!
0:07 Won't it be great if we could just pack our bags and keep flying from place to place?
0:12 Hey, but you can't do that because you don't have wings like me!
0:18 Oh yes, you're right but there's one major difference..
0:22..between you and my friends out there!
0:25 And that is?
0:26 You're a Migratory bird, silly!
0:30 Oops, why didn't that strike me?
0:33 Doesn't matter!
0:34 You go take your flight.
0:36 And I'll tell my friends all about birds like you!
0:40 Aww! I feel so special, Dr. Binocs!
0:46 Come friends, let's know more about Migratory birds.
0:50 Zoom in!
0:52 Migratory birds are those birds that travel from one place to another..
0:57 regular intervals over long distances.
1:01 And they migrate to escape the cold harsh winter weather..
1:05 search of food and a warm cozy shelter.
1:09 There are various types of Migratory birds.
1:13 Resident Birds!
1:15 Pigeons and Doves are a good examples.
1:18 These birds just don't migrate.
1:21 They are able to find food and warm shelter where they are staying.
1:27 We might not travel a lot, Dr. Binocs but we do spread love..
1:31 ..all around, from place to place!
1:35 Short Distant Migrants.
1:37 Robins are short distant migrants.
1:40 As the name suggests, these birds move only a short distance..
1:45 ..from lower elevations to mountain side.
1:49Hey, but don't you mistake me for a nightingale..
1:53 ..I might look like one but I am not. Okay?
1:56 Oh, my friends won't! They are very smart, aren't you guys?
2:02 Medium Distant Migrants.
2:05 These birds travel over distances that cover several states.
2:09 They don't really travel a lot but not that they won't travel less..
2:14 ..isn't it Mr. Blue Jay?
2:17 You seem to know me quite well, Dr. Binocs.
2:21 But there's one more secret about me! You wanna know?
2:24Sure, tell us! We are all waiting!
2:29 I am quite mischevious, Dr. Binocs, because I hunt more than I can eat!
2:36 Long Distant Migrants.
2:38 These birds travel typically from United States and Canada..
2:42 wintering grounds in Central and South America.
2:47 The Artic Tern is an example of Long Distance migrants.
2:51 And I am the record holder for covering the longest distance of 44,000 miles!
2:58 Oh my! That's huge!
3:01 Just to let you know, the circumference of the Earth..
3:05 approximately 29,000 miles!
3:09 So imagine how much these birds travel!
3:14 Trivia Time!
3:16 Before migrating, many birds enter a state of Hyperphagia..
3:20 ..where the hormone levels compel them to drastically increase their body weight..
3:25 store fat to use as energy while traveling.
3:29 And some birds also have the ability to sense the Earth's Magnetic field..
3:35 help them navigate!
3:38 So I need to travel now.
3:40 Wait till I come back next!
3:42 Tune in next time for more fun facts!
3:45 This is me Fly... Zooming out! Bye.

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