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This is a Clilstore unit. You can link all words to dictionaries.

Keep healthy!

Let's keep HEALTHY, even if it might seem hard.
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In this unit you are going to work with interactive activities to improve your vocabulary.

The first part is a video about healty habits. Introduce vocabulary of the unit.

The second part are activities:

1) A healthy song. You review the vocabulary.

2) An interactive food pyramid. It introduces concepts like healthy food, food pyramid,...

3) Games about healthy food. You work the concepts and vocabulary of the unit.

4) Worksheet 1.

5) Worksheet 2. It's an oral activity.

6) Movements song. TPR activity.

7) Once upon a time... Life. It's a cartoon playlist about human body.

8) Assesment. Make a glogster with the given information.


Clilstore SongFood pyramidHealthy food gameworksheet 1worksheet 2exercise songsOnce upon a time...LifeAssessment

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