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This is a Clilstore unit. You can link all words to dictionaries.


Warm up activity. A

Watch the video answer  the questions about it.


1-.What sport are they playing?

2-.Do you know the name of the women world champion?

3-.Where is she from?

4-.Have you ever played Badminton?

5-.How many players are there in the court?

6-.What equipment do you need?

7-.Do you know the different strokes?


Activity 1

“Fill in the gaps-Reading comprehension”

The activity will show some words to introduce new technical vocabulary.

Activity 2

“Flashcards game: Match the picture word”

 Using the flashcards, divide the cards into parts and players will have to find the mate whose flashcard matches them. (Word-picture)

Activity 3

Game: ”Steal the fling sock”

A card of a badminton set or stroke.  When the player who is in the middle of the court says a word related with it, both players who have this card have to go hitting the racket and the shuttlecock and try to catch the object that the player has.

Activity 4

"Choose a card and play"

In groups players will choose a card with different strokes and they will practise hitting the ball in that way. After 3 minutes, they change cards and strokes

Activity 5

“A doubles badminton match”

Players have to coordinate with others when they are playing. In addition, they have to choose the right skill to hit the shuttlecock and identify the vocabulary needed for playing the game.

The aim of these activities are to show you some basic vocabulary and techniques and encourage you to play badminton.


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