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Climates of the earth

Hi guys how is the weather today hmm
it's a bit cold here oh we have a guest
at our place today let's ask him about
the weather at his home hello there
how's the weather at your home he is
saying something he is pointing to the
calendar of the whole year hmm it looks
like he is playing charades with me I
think I can tell what our friend polar
bear is saying hi there hmm he is
pointing towards a calendar of the whole
year and doing the acting of shivering
like we shiver in the winter oh that
means there is winter at his home for
the whole year yes our bears live in the
polar regions and it is cold there
throughout the year but why we have
summers spring and many other seasons
here but the polar regions only have
winters why is that for that you need to
understand about the different climate
zones of the earth okey let's ask our
friend polar bear to learn about climate
zones hmmm I can't see him can you see
him oh he is sleeping like always let's
leave him here yes before we start
learning about climate zones first tell
me the difference between weather and
climate I know that the climate of a
place is its weather over a long period
of time yes the weather changes from day
to day and even from one hour to another
it can be sunny and hot in the morning
and cold and wet in the evening weather
reflects the short term conditions of
the atmosphere while the climate is the
average daily weather for an extended
period of time at a certain place now
let's learn
the causes are different kinds of
climate in different parts of the world
look at this oh it's a globe why are
there different colors in different
parts of the globe the colors on the
club represent the average temperature
of those places hmmm that means the
places near the equator have a very high
temperature yes the temperature over
there is in the range of 60 to 80
degrees Fahrenheit and it is less than
minus 10 degrees fahrenheit in the polar
regions yes look at this picture of the
globe we can divide the home of our
earth into three heat zones based on the
climate hmm I can see that the area near
the poles is known as the polar region
and the area near the equator are known
as the torrid regions correct and areas
between torrid and polar zones are known
as temperate zones can you tell me more
about these zones okay let me take you
through each of these zones one by one
you know that the equator is an
imaginary line on the globe that divides
the earth into two halves like we
learned before there are three major
climate zones the polar zone the
temperate zone and the torrid zone let's
first look at the torrid zone this is in
the area around the equator it lies
between two imaginary lines which are
the tropic of cancer and the Tropic of
Capricorn in this zone the temperature
is very high as the Rays of the Sun
directly fall on this area Wow can you
tell me more about this zone yes all the
major deserts are present in this zone
and yes it's not all about the deserts a
lot of rain happens here also i know
this is because the high temperatures
near the equator cause faster
evaporation of water you are a genius
higher temperatures result in higher
amount evaporation of water from the
earth's surface which causes a lot of
rain ok now let's move on to the
temperate zone there are two temperate
zones one in Northern Hemisphere and one
in southern hemisphere it is the largest
among all climate zones the weather over
here is moderate as the sun rays do not
directly fall in the temperate zone
moderate means it's neither very cold
nor very hot yes and in a few of these
areas there is year-round rainfall oh
now our friend the polar bear wants to
see his home the polar zone this zone is
known as the polar zone as it lies close
to the poles there are two bowlers owns
one near the North Pole above the Arctic
Circle and another one surrounding the
South Pole it is above the Antarctic
Circle and like our guests the polar
bear told us it is very cold over here
throughout the year yes this is because
near the polar regions the Rays of Sun
are very slanted I have a question yes
how do sun rays affect the weather you
mentioned something about direct sun
rays and slanted sun rays i'm confused
that is a very good question sun rays
play a very important role in the
climate of any place you know that our
earth is spherical in shape right yes
look here
the region near the equator gets more
direct rays of Sun the direct rays are
concentrated over a smaller area and so
they heat up the earth more as we go
away from the equator the sun's rays
strike the earth surface at an angle the
slanting rays spread over a larger area
and so they don't heat to the same
extent as direct rays oh that's why the
temperature decreases as we go away from
the equator let us see it once again to
understand it more oh it is very clear
in this picture area is covered by the
Rays falling directly is smaller than
the area covered by the slanting rays
yeah that is why areas near the equator
get more heat but areas near the poles
get lesser heat has the same amount of
heat is spread over a large geography
hmm now I understand is there anything
else that affects the climate of the
area for that you need to answer a
question look here see that blue part
why is it temperature here lesser than
the surrounding areas oh it is very
strange this area is near the equator
but still the temperature is very low
now look at this picture what do you see
in the red color oh these are Himalayas
yeah the place showing lesser
temperature in the first picture are the
Himalayan mountains
now I understand the higher you go the
colder it is as we move up temperature
keeps going down so elevation of a place
also affects the climate of a place yeah
direction of sun rays and elevation are
two important factors that affect the
climate of a place are there any other
factors yeah there are many like ocean
current terrain etc etc but we will
study about them in next grade by
friends our guest the polar bear has
gone to sleep again bye and please press
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