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This is a Clilstore unit. You can link all words to dictionaries.



1. Daily routine: Using a song to review vocabulary and action verbs.

PRESENTATION (10 min). Students are introduced to the abilities to be practiced today. Interaction teacher to students. 

2.We'll hang posters that can print on this link, in class. From this mural, students explain the signs and traffic rules and the teacher will correct and/or complete.

PRACTICE (35 min). Students practice the skills explained above.

3.Brainstorming on the signals that children could already know. The teacher shows a poster to the kids, and talk is done in group.

 What means…?

4.Explain, in groups, the positive and negative actions you see in the following cartoons. We'll leave five minutes to talk about the activity and then they'll participate raising his hand and correct together.

COOL-DOWN (10 min). 

5.Self-assessment. Fill in the missing words and colour the pictures.







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