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This is a Clilstore unit. You can link all words to dictionaries.



Lesson 1

Say everything that you know about this image:

Now watch the following video:                             

Activity 1: Listen again and complete with these words:

                                      (in pairs) (click the button Activity 1)

bin - bin man - bottle - clear up - newspapers - recycle boxes - recycle centre - recycle - rubbish - rubbish bin - rusty - tin cans

Mr. bull the  _________   is collecting the _________.
It is early morning so Mr. bull tries to be as quiet as he can
but Mr Bull is not very good at being quiet.
Peppa and George are finishing their breakfast.
- What's that noise?
- It's Mr Bull, the bin man.
- Hello, everyone! I must be off, lots of rubbish to collect!.
- Mr. Bull has emptied the _____________ for us.
- Good! let's _____ __ the breakfast things
- Can we help, mummy?
- Yes, you can.
- Let's throw this empty ______ in the ___.
- Peppa, stop!
- What?
- We don't put bottles in the rubbish bin. They can be recycled.
- What does that mean?
- All the things we can't use again we put in the rubbish bin for Mr Bull.
- But all the things that can be used again are put in these ________ ________.
- The red one is for __________, the blue one is for ___ ____ and the green one is for bottles.
- Peppa, you have a bottle, so which box does it go in?
- Errmm, the green one.
- Yes
- This is fun!
- Now, it's George's turn.
- Oh! Can you find a newspaper for the red box?
George wants to recycle Daddy Pig's newspaper.
- Oh, I haven't finished with my newspaper just yet, George. You can have it in a minute.
- All right, here you are, George
- Newspapers go in the red box George.
- Now that we have collected enough things, we can go to the _______ ______.
- Hooray! Let´s go!
- Mummy Pig has the bottles, Peppa has the tin cans and George has the newspapers.
- Is everybody ready?
- Yes! Daddy Pig!
- Then let's go!
- Recycle! Recycle! We're going to _______...
- Tin cans! Bottles! Newspapers!
- This is Miss Rabbit's recycle centre
- We're here. -Hooray!
- Hello, there!
- Hello Miss Rabbit
- Have you come to do some recycling?
- Yes, we have.
- Jolly good! Carry on!
- What's Miss Rabbit doing?
- She's recycling all the _____ old cars.
- Who can tell me which bin the bottles go in?
- The green one.
- That's right.
- And the cans go in the blue one.
- Well done, Peppa.
George wants to recycle the newspapers.
- Ok, George, you can do the newspapers.
- There! That's enough recycling for one day.
- Yes, let's go home.
- Oh! where's our car gone?
- Peppa's car has disappeared.
- Stand back!
Miss rabbit is recycling Peppa's car!
- Stop! That´s our car!
- What? Is it really?
- Yes! Our car isn't old and rusty!
- Silly me! I just love recycling.
- Yes, so do we! But we also love our little car!
- Yes, and our little car loves us too. Don't you?

Activity 2: Speaking

  We have to answer the following questions, first in pairs and then in a large group:

  • What is doing Mr.Bull, the bin man?
  • At first, where was Peppa going to throw a bottle?
  • What did her mother say? -Can bottles be recycled?
  • Do you know the meaning of the term "recycle"? -What does that mean?
  • Do you recycle? Why?
  • Why don't you recycle?
  • Do you think you should recycle? -What do you think might happen without recycling?
  • Which box did Peppa put the bottle in? - Where do you recycle? - How do you recycle?
  • What else did George throw at the recycle box? - What materials do you recycle?
  • Do you think you could recycle more?
  • Where did Peppa´s family go by car? - Why? – Do you usually go to a recycle centre to carry the recycle boxes/bags? - Where do you throw the recycle boxes/bags? - - Who does usually carry the recycle bins?
  • Have the recycle bins of Peppa´s city got the same or different colour than the recycle bins of your city?

Now click the button Activity 2 to know why we should recycle.


Lesson 2

Activity 3: Game "Roll the dice"

  We are going to divide the class into two teams. There are six picture cards (only pictures, no words) about the vocabulary of previous activity on the whiteboard. Each card has a number from 1 to 6. One student will have a big dice to roll. The whole class will watch what number comes up. The first student to say the word of the vocabulary card with the same number of the dice will win one point for his team. The first team that reaches 15 points will be the winner and then we will replace the cards on the board with the last 6 new cards.

Activity 4: Watch the video again and choose the correct answer (true o false)

                                (click the button Activity 4)

Activity 5: "Clean and green"

   You have to put different things into the right recycling bin. The bin named "Compost" is for organic waste, that is food waste.

                             (click the button Activity 5)

Activity 6: "Recycling game"

 Sort the waste into the right bin and try to earn as many points as you can. Watch out!: you must fill the indicated bin.

                            (click the button Activity 6)

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