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Elements of Art: Line


This 2-Hour Clil module is aimed at students at key 2rd ESO (12-13 years old).

Their level of English is approximately A2.

The objectives and contents are extracted from the Spanish school curriculum, according to the Decree 1105/2014, from December 26, in which there is stablished the basic curriculum of Secondary Education and Pre-University Education in Spain, and the Decret 87/2015 of the Valencian Community, from June 5, where the curriculum is established and develops the general organization of Secondary Education and, in particular, for the subject of Plastic, Visual and Audiovisual Education.

We divide up this 2-hour Clil module in two 1 hour lesson. One of them will be about types of lines and drawing a portrait,  and the other lesson will be about animals and drawing with single line.


Lesson 1

First of all, I will hand out a piece of paper to each student with the types of lines. (Click on TYPES OF LINES to download this resource) 

I will introduce the central topic of the lesson and will read the types of lines that appear at the resource to familiarize students with vocabulary of this unit. (5 min.)


After that, students will watch the video: Elements of Art: Line (3:26). I will have provided a glossary to the students containing specific terms related to the video (GLOSSARY)

When have finished the video, I will give a paper with a exercises about the video (6 min.) (EXERCISES)


Before, I will ask the question that appear at the video: ¿what kinds of lines would you choose to represent your classmate? I explain the activity.They will work in pairs, speaking in L2 between them and will draw their classmate with the lines that they want. Once the work is completed, the partner must start with the same activity. (45 min.)


Lesson 2

In pairs they will show their artwork to the class and will have three minutes to explain the following items:    (30 min.)

Later, I will give a paper with the examples and they will put the animal's name below the image while appear at the video (ANIMALS)
We will watch a video: One Line Animal Painting Creative Ideas   (4:43 min.)


One time they know the different images, they will draw in their drawing block these animals with single line. (25min.)


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