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This is a Clilstore unit. You can link all words to dictionaries.

This is me! (2h C.L)


3’-5’: First of each lesson we start singing “Hello Song for Kids”. It is fantastic for children about 4 or 5 years old because it repeats each sentence twice for repeating it.

20’-25’:  After the greeting, I introduce the song “This is me!” which is the principal tool to develop the body lessons. Through that song students will learn the vocabulary related to the body.

We listen twice without singing and then we learn a little choreography to dance at the same time the song. In this way, I think it is easier way to remember and sing the song better. When they are prepared, we will sing the song and dance at the same time with music help.

20’-25’: To complete the previous activity students have to complete an interactive play “Parts of the body 1” and “Parts of the body 2” on digital board to secure that they have learnt the names and the places corresponding. Here we find new body parts which we learn through this activity.

10’: The last ten minutes is to focus on remember what we are learning and sing alone the song.


3’-5’: We start again with “Hello Song for Kids”

15’: After that, we play the “Pirate Waters Board Game” in small groups. It is as an “oca play” and I decided the order that groups will respond. Where the dice marks, it will be the box they have to go. There is a question to answer and the representative of each team will decide the answer. We play twice or three times if it was necessary.

20’: In small groups, students have to draw a body in a cardboard and then put the labels that I give them in the correct place.
20’: Students show understanding through a sheet with a “Crossword” where they have to put correctly the name on the suitable place. This activity serves me as an assessment.

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