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This is a Clilstore unit. You can link all words to dictionaries.



Activity 1: Listen

Activity 2: Listen again and complete with these words:          

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bin - bin man - bottle - clear up - collected - newspapers - quiet - recycle boxes - recycle centre - recycle - rubbish - rubbish bin - rusty - tin cans

Mr. bull the  _________   is collecting the _________.
It is early morning so Mr. bull tries to be as quiet as he can
but Mr Bull is not very good at being _____.
Peppa and George are finishing their breakfast.
- What's that noise?
- It's Mr Bull, the bin man.
- Hello everyone! I must be off, lots of rubbish to collect!.
- Mr. Bull has emptied the _____________ for us.
- Good! let's _____ __ the breakfast things
- Can we help, mummy?
- Yes, you can.
- Let's throw this empty ______ in the ___.
- Peppa, stop!
- What?
- We don't put bottles in the rubbish bin. They can be recycled.
- What does that mean?
- All the things we can't use again we put in the rubbish bin for Mr Bull.
- But all the things that can be used again are put in these ________ ________.
- The red one is for __________, the blue one is for ___ ____ and the green one is for bottles.
- Peppa, you have a bottle, so which box does it go in?
- Errmm, the green one.
- Yes
- This is fun!
- Now, it's George's turn.
- Oh! Can you find a newspaper for the red box?
George wants to recycle Daddy Pig's newspaper.
- Oh, I haven't finished with my newspaper just yet, George. You can have it in a minute.
- All right, here you are, George
- Newspapers go in the red box George.
- Now that we have _________ enough things, we can go to the _______ ______.
- Hooray! Let´s go!
- Mummy Pig has the bottles, Peppa has the tin cans and George has the newspapers.
- Is everybody ready?
- Yes! Daddy Pig!
- Then let's go!
- Recycle! Recycle! We're going to _______...
- Tin cans! Bottles! Newspapers!
- This is Miss Rabbit's recycle centre
- We're here. -Hooray!
- Hello, there!
- Hello Miss Rabbit
- Have you come to do some recycling?
- Yes, we have.
- Jolly good! Carry on!
- What's Miss Rabbit doing?
- She's recycling all the _____ old cars.
- Who can tell me which bin the bottles go in?
- The green one.
- That's right.
- And the cans go in the blue one.
- Well done, Peppa.
George wants to recycle the newspapers.
- Ok, George, you can do the newspapers.
- There! That's enough recycling for one day.
- Yes, let's go home.
- Oh! where's our car gone?
- Peppa's car has disappeared.
- Stand back!
Miss rabbit is recycling Peppa's car!
- Stop! That´s our car!
- What? Is it really?
- Yes! Our car isn't old and rusty!
- Silly me! I just love recycling.
- Yes, so do we! But we also love our little car!
- Yes, and our little car loves us too. Don't you?

Clilstore Activity 2

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