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This is a Clilstore unit. You can link all words to dictionaries.



1. Super simple songs video: If you're happy

Play the video, sing and dance it.

2. Brainstorming, Which emotions do you know? Look for the images of them in internet and link an action as in the super simple song.

Lesson body

3. Connecting words. To write and draw in a mind map the different emotions  they've said and try to look for new ones related to the first. We try to look for situations that provoke it. One situation can provoke more than one emotion.

4. Pair work, look at the situations and decide which emotion do you feel according to the situation and express it to your partners. They should guess how do you feel.

- How do I feel?

- Yo are...


5. Small groups, play to the game related to emotions. To check the knowledge they've learnt, self evaluation and peer evaluation. 

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