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Basketball is a lifelong activity that is played by two teams of five players on a rectangular court. Basketball is an invasion game that required communication and quick decision making. The object of the game is to shoot a ball through a hoop that is mounted at each end of the court.

Along this 2 hour lesson our pupils are going to learn the basic rules about this sport.

LESSON 1: Introduction to Basketball

To begin this lesson I’ll do a survey to find out what is their knowledge about basketball or if they have ever been in touch with this sport.

Survey of basketball: (15 min)

1. Have you ever played basketball?

2. Do you know basketball rules?

3. Are there adequate facilities in your town to practice basketball?

4. Do you know any basketball team in your autonomous region (male, female or in wheelchairs) who participates in national competition?

5. Does anyone in your family practices or has practiced this sport competitively or as a leisure activity?

6.  Ask family and friends, how often do they see basketball games on television?

Once  I have could to figure out how much the children known about this sport we’ll see two videos about Basketball Basics for Kids which demonstrates and explains the basic skills and techniques that are needed to provide young boys and girls with the proper foundation for the game ( 6min)





After watching this video I’m going to make some questions in order to make sure they have understood most of it. (15min)

                               1.Do you understand this video?

                               2.Do you think this kind of sport is nice?

                               3.Do you think is difficult to practice?


To summarize all we learn we are going to do a quiz about Basketball rules (5min):

After doing this quiz we’ll analyze the results asking about their score and any doubts about it(15 min).


To  end this lesson we’ll see a video about how exciting could be a final time of a basketball match:



LESSON 2: Introduction: Ball-Handling


Firstly in order to remember the last session we are going to review the basic concepts learnt through the game "basic vocabulary" (15min)

Secondly we are watching a video about ball handling (3:25'):


After watching this video I’m going to make some questions in order to make sure they have understood most of it. (12min)

                               1. Do you understand this video?

                               2. Is there any vocabulary that you don’t understand?

                               3. Do you think is difficult to handle the ball?

Now we are going to talk about the necessary warm up before playing (5 min) and after that we'll see the folling video about Wam Up Activities (5: 40):


To end this lesson we are going to do an activity for filling the gaps.(15 min)





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