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The Earth and the Moon - Lesson 2

2nd Lesson (1 hour)
Activity 1
During the first lesson you did some activities and you created your own planet using play dough and the knowledge acquired. Now it is time to create and present your project to your classmates! Go to the Activity 1 button, log in in Prezi and create (or finish if you started at Lesson 1) your own presentation. You can use the help of the teacher if you need it.
Activity 2
In the following image you can see the Phases of the Moon. Look at the picture and after that go to the Activity 2 button to start the Reading Task.
Pick the Oreo biscuits and reproduce the Phases of the Moon with them, as you can see in the previous picture. Take a photo if you want, and at the end of the activity you can eat them!
You have reached the end of the Unit: Congratulations!
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