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2 hour CLIL - The letter A

LESSON 1 (1hour)

First of all, to start the lesson we will sing the song Hello. (5min) Click on the linkabove HELLO SONG to play it.

After that I will name one of the students as my helper. We will pass the list to see who is at class and who is not. (5 min)

To start to work with the topic I will explain them what we are going to do and then to introduce the topic I will put a video of the letter A. (15 min) Click on the linck above to play THE LETTER A VIDEO.

After that they will know the letter A. Now it's turn to learn some words with the letter A. I will use flashcards to introduce them. Click on the link above to download FLASHCARDS. Children will have to repeat after me the name of the picture on the flashcard. We will repeat this three times. (10 min)

When they will know the vocabulary of the flashcards we will do a game, The Magic Eyes. I will stick the flashcards in a row on the board. Children will have to repeat the words with me in a rythmic way. Example: Airplane, alligator, ant, apple, arm, arrow. When I will see the children doing this confidently I will remove the first flashcard and we will continue in the same way. The cards will be alligator, ant, apple, arm, arrow but they will have to say airplane, alligator, ant, apple, arm, arrow. I will be removing the flashcards until there is none. (10 min)

It's time now to write the letter A in a paper. I will use the worksheet of the letter A. They will have to follow the lines in order to do the spelling. Click on the link above PAPER SHEET A to download it. (10 min)

At the end of the lesson, I always play the Goodbye Song in order to say goodbye. Click on the link above to play and sing the GOODBYE SONG. (5 min)


LESSON 2 (1 hour)

Again, we will start the lesson in the same way. Fisrt of all the HELLO SONG and then I will name one of the students as my helper. (10 min)

After that, I will remind which is the central topic of the lesson and we also refresh the vocabulary worked trough another flashcard game. In this case, we will play the game, Find Your Partner! It consits in searching the partner who have the same flashcard as you. Once they find each other, they will have to say to the rest of the class which is the word of the flashcard's picture. (10 min) Click on FLASHCARDS to download this resource if you haven't done it yet.

Because children love the video and I think it is good to refresh the words of the song I will put THE LETTER A VIDEO again. (15min)

Once we know more vocabulary of the song, we will play a matching game with Hot Potatoes tool. This excersice consists in matching the pictures with their respectives words. They can do it as many times as required. (10 min)

The last thing to do before we move to another letter is, in order to know if children have aquired the knowledge, to ask them to bring something which its name starts with the letter A.

At the end of the lesson, I always play the goodbye song in order to say goodbye. (5 min) Click on GOODBYE SONG to play and sing the Goodbye song.


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