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2.4.4. Eliminación del ruido de fondo


Icono IDevice Objetives

In this activity and the next one you are learning Audacity options to edit digital sound. The task will be to remove the background noise from three audio files.

Icono IDevice

Necessary files: (clik using the right button in the link to drop down the contextual menu, and save the files to disk)


This track has been recorded in a mountain (ambiente de alta montaña.ogg)

Our goal is to clean the background noise which avoids us to listen the birds singing. This is the expected result

Activity step by step:

1. Start Audacity (Aplicaciones / sonido y video / Audacity)

2. From the menu Proyecto / Importar audio, select the file ambiente de alta montaña.ogg














3. Select the noise profile (perfil de ruido) to remove:

Using the selection tool select a place in the track where there is only noise, and no birds singing.

4. With the noise profile still selected clik on the menu Efecto / Eliminación de ruido ( the first one, there are two of them) and click on the button Obtener perfil de ruido.

5. Click in the track header as shown in the image to select the whole track

Click another time in Efecto / Eliminación de ruido (yes, the same menu again)

6. Click on the button Previsualización (1) in order to preview the result; if the noise isn't removed you can refine the effect moving the selector to Más or Menos. When in the preview you can no longer listen the background noise click in the button Eliminar ruido(3), the result will be a plane line in the places where the background noise where placed


7. Save teh preject clicking in Archivo / Guardar proyecto. Export the project to mp3 and upload it to Moodle. Don't forget to enter your name and year in the metadados window



Icono IDevice

Necessary files: (clik using the right button in the link to drop down the contextual menu, and save the files to disk)


In this clip of two little girls talking (dos niñas hablando.ogg) there is an ennoying noise produced by a machine working near there. Try to remove it:

Export the file to mp3 format, fill in the metadatos window and upload it to Moodle

Download the file in this url

This recording is a Pau Casals' concert and ha been digitalized from an old vinyl record from the 30's. There's a lot of background noise. Try to remove it.

Select the first minute and export it to MP3. Upload it to Moodle

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