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2.4.5. Actividad multipista


Activity Multitrack Editing


Necessary files: (clik using the right button in the link to drop down the contextual menu, and save the files to disk)


In this activity your are going to use some tools and effects available in Audacity which are good examples of what you can achieve with this program.

1. Start Audacity.

2. Import the following files using the menu Proyecto / Importar audio:

a) Afinado de orquesta.ogg

b) Aplausos de público en un concierto de música clásica.ogg

c) Bach One.ogg

d) Golpe de una vara de madera.ogg

3. En the track Afinado de orquesta we are going to set apart the last 10 seconds: select everything safe the last 10 seconds and use the tool cortar

4. We are going to make some edit tasks in Aplausos de público en un concierto de música clásica:

a) Select some 10 seconds in the central part and delete the rest of the track using the tool Recortar fuera de la selección. The whole track safe the 10 seconds selected is deleted.

b) If you listen the track, the applauses start and end all of a sudden, wich is not very realistic, it doesn't happens in this way in real life. Select 2 seconds at the beginning of the track and apply there the effect Efecto / Fade In. Then select the last two seconds of the track and apply the effect Fade Out in order to make the appluases to die out in a progresssive way.

5. In the track Golpe de vara de madera your are going to simulate the director's baton strokes, (los golpes de batuta del director de la orquesta) at the beginning of a concert. To make this task you should zoom this area in order to improve acuracy.

a) We want it repeted thre times, the classic toc-toc-toc baton sound at the beginning of a concert. Select the sound of a baton stroke and select the menu Efecto / Repetir. Input 2 repetitions.

b) The strokes are played too quick. We need to slow them down using Efecto / Cambiar Ritmo. Apply a -25% in the field cambio porcentual.

c) There's another problem, The baton strokes sounds louder than the rest of tracks, and we need to reduce their volume intensity. Select them and apply the effect Efecto / Amplificar with a value of -10 in Amplificación (db)

6. Duplicate the track Aplausos de público en un concierto de música clásica modified in step 4. Select the track and click in Editar / Duplicar.

7.Activate the tool Desplazamiento and order the different tracks as shown below shifting every track to its correct location :



Export to Mp3, fill up the metadatos window with your name, and date and upload it to Moodle. If it weiths more than 1 Mb, split the activity in more than one file, Make an screen capture and upload it to Moodle.


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