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2.3. Grabador de sonido

2.3. Recording sound played in a PC

Icono IDevice Objectives: To learn a procedure to record sound played by different programs in a computer.
Icono IDevice Recording sound played in a PC


In a PC, the default recording device is the Microphone. But the mike (el micro) only allows recording sound coming from outside the computer, for example, your voice. In this activity we are going to learn how to record sound played in your own computer. For example, imagine you are watching a youtube video and you want to record the sound to play it whenever you want.

To start doing it, we must first set up (configurar) LLiurex, in order to set the soud card instead of the microphone as the sound input device (dispositivo de entrada).


LLiurex provides several tools to record sound. The problem is these tools only can record sounds received from the default sound input device: the microphone.  You can't record a song played in youtube, or spotify by instance, unless you use the microphone to get the sound  played from an exterior device, like a radio or a mp3 player. To record a song played in your computer, first we must set the sound card of the computer as the sound input device. This can be easily made using  Pulse audio.





 if you are still playing in the song, it must appear in the tab Dispositivos de Entrada. This means we can go on with the activity. LLiurex recognize the sounds it itself is playing as an recordable audio entry source.


To record the song wer are going to use Audacity



Let's make a short spoken documentary about the Marx brother's. The objective is to make up an audio piece, puting together a voice reading some short texts mixed with some famous short clips of the Marx brother's movies, and a background music.

Both spanish, voices Luis and Lorena, will alternate reading short texts about the Marx's brothers artistic career. Between the speechs we will place some famous short clips from their movies. In the background there must be a song of your choice from The outcome must be something like the clip podcastMarx.mp4

The key to get the work properly done is to modulate correctly the volum of the music. It must gradualy fade out just when a speech is about to start and fade in when it ends.This can be done in a very acurate way using the wrapping tool (herramienta envolvente)

Starting point. A track with the default volume. With the wrapping tool the playing volume can be increased or decreased in a track seccion. Every click yo do on the track creates a white dot which allows to change the geometry of the curbe representing the track volume.



This is the planned script for our documentary.

Los hermanos Marx, (Zeppo, Gummo,Chico, Harpo y Groucho), fueron unos cómicos estadounidenses, originarios de Nueva York.

Cinco de sus películas están incluidas en la lista de las 100 mejores comedias del American Film Institute.

En los Cuatro Cocos, su primera película, Groucho es el director de un hotel en bancarrota cuya vida se complica enormente con la llegada de dos granujas, Harpo y Chico

Sopa de Ganso (1933) fue su primer gran éxito. Groucho es el delirante presidente de Libertonia un extraño país europeo a punto de entrar en guerra con Sylvania.

En una noche en la opera el promotor Groucho embarca a las grandes estrellas de la Ópera de Milan con rumbo a Nueva York, apareciendo abordo unos polizones inesperados: Harpo y Chico.

Entre los tres revolucionan el barco, organizan un escandalo en Nueva York y convierten la noche del estreno en una locura

La última película de los hermanos Marx (Amor en Conserva) se estrenó en 1949. Después siguieron carreras por separado en el teatro y la televisión durante los años 60 y 70





Moodle only allows us to upload files of a maximum size of 1Mb. It's very likely that your song weighs at least 3 or 4 Mb. So in oder to upload the file, we might reduce the sampling frequency (frecuencia de muestreo) and split the file in several pieces
* Select a sampling frequency of 16.000hz. The image below shows how to do it.


* Export the first minut to an
mp3 file and upload it to Moodle to the link ACTIVIDAD GROUXORAP
1. To do this follow the next steps:

o Select the first minute in any of the tracks (whatever)

o Select the menu option Edicion->Seleccion->Todas las pistas. This select the first minute in all the tracks

o Select the menu option Archivo->Exportar Seleccion

o Name the file and export it with mp3 format



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