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Forms definition.

Forms provide a handy way of editing a table data, showing a single record in screen instead of the whole table

This is how editing a table looks like

This is the same table, being edited using a form

How to create a form

There are two ways of creating a form:

In this module we are going to focus in the creation of forms using the forms wizzard.


Now, to create a form, we are going to follow the form wizard step by step

The first step is to select a table or query as data source for the form. Select the table llibres in the drop down edit box Taules o consultes.

Click on the button Següent, to start step 2. This step allows us to create a subform. But, in this exercise, we are going to skip this step. Click again in the button Següent and let's go to the step 5.


Step 5: Organitza els camps de control, is used to design the élements distribution in the form. Click in the different options in the section Disposició del formulari principal in order to see the different possible distributions

And finally select Columnar-Etiquetes a l'esquerra.

Click in Següent to start step 6: Especifiqueu l'entrada de dades. We can use this table to constraint (restringir) the operations allowed in the form, that is, to disable/enable the insertion, deletion, or modification of data. Keep the default options.

Click in the button Següent to go to Step 7 Aplica estils. This step allows the user to select a set of colors. Try out the different sets of colors and choose the one you like the most, Choose the Vista 3D Option for the line borders.

Last step is step 8. Just put a name to the form. Call it EXERCISE 1

Click again in Següent and the form will open:

The tool record bar in the lower side of the window, can be used to move to the previous or next record, to delete a record or to insert a new record.

Name as EXERCICI 1 the form and click in the button finalitza.


EXERCISE 2: Use the form wizard to create a form for the table transportistas of gardenco-LLiurex.




(To insert a new record, click in the button Registre nou, highlighted in the image below)



EXERCISE 3 : Create a new form for the table transportistas, using the color set called “blau gelat”, and the distribution “etiquetes al davant”. Select the fields identificador, empresa, persona de contacto (this one by mistake, is called codigo postal in the table) and teléfono. If it turns out that the table has another field defined as required, include it in the form too. This form must allow only insertions and modifications but no deletion must be allowed,











Forms and Subforms

Look at the image below. This form shows information of a given “editorial”, and in the lower side of the form there is a subform showing the books produced by this specific editorial

EXERCISE 4: follow these steps to create the form

Click in següent and click in the check box afegir un subformulari. The subform will show the table Llibres.

Select the fields shown in the image:

Click in Següent. Now select the distribution shown in the image below for the form and the subform

Click the button Següent .No changes in the step 6

Choose the style you like the most.

Call the form ACTIVITAT 4 and click in finalitza.

The result must look like this, (but with the color set you have chosen)

Use the next button in the sailing tool bar to see another editorial and their books,

EXERCISE 5. Carry out a form for the table Llengues. The form must show a language record and in a subform the books published in that language. The form should show the fields codi llengua i nom llengua from the table llengües. The subform should show the fields registre, títol, autor, any edició pàgines and resum













EXERCISE 6 Create a form showing the field name of the table proveïdors, and in a subform the provider's products (all fields)

EXERCISE 7. Create a form for clientes, (fields codigo, name, first name) and a subform showing each client orders ( mostrando los pedidos de cada cliente en un subformulario)


EXERCISE 8. Create a form and subform for pedido and detalles_pedido


Upload to Moodle the file gardenco, and the file biblioteca with all the exercices you have made in this module


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