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This is a Clilstore unit. You can link all words to dictionaries.

What Punic Wars were?



First of all: previous knowledge. 

Dear students: what do you know about Punic Wars? Have you ever heard or read about it? Which civilizations took place in these events? Please, talk in group and remember your knowledge about Punic Wars. Maybe you know something interesting to share with your partners. 


What Punic Wars were:

Next step is watching this video about Punic Wars. It will explain you the main concepts, events and persons that fought in these battles. You should take note of the words you didn't know before watching this video and the words you actually knew, all of them in a vocabulary list. It will help you to pass the final task.



Grammar rules: The Past Simple tense.

Before doing the last activity, you should revise your knowledges about Past Simple tense. Check out this image:

Past Simple rules

 To practise this tense you can do the two exercises in this lesson. If you can't go to the website, you can access to them through the links in the bottom of the page:


Now it's time to you to work: 

Have you seen the video and the Past Simple tense rules? Great! Now it's time to do the final activity. In paris, make the true/false questionary about Punic Wars that your teacher will provide you now. Help yourselves with the Past Simple tense rules and the previous video. Good luck!


Clilstore Punic Wars video on YoutubePast Simple exercise 1Past Simple exercise 2Questionary.pdf

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