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This is a Clilstore unit. You can link all words to dictionaries.

Save water to help the Earth

We start by making groups of 5. Each group will discuss about the following question:

After 10 minutes all groups will share their opinions and ideas with the rest of the class while I collect your ideas on the board.


Now is time to watch the 3 minutes video: "Save water to help de Earth". You can find it in the link below: "Video 1". You can follow the transcription, which you also have in a link below, and look for the words you don't understand. Is there some tip to save water we missed before? Add it to your list. 


This time individually, we are going to complete two exercises. You can find them in the links below: "Exercise 1" and "Exercise 2". 


For next week you need to prepare a presentation with pictures in a cardboard where you show some examples of what you or your family do to save water at home. You will present your work to the whole class in 3 minutes aprox. Partners will vote for the three best works that will be placed on the corridors in order to remind people not to waste water. However, final mark will be an average of the final work (presentation) and the participation in the whole tasks during this unit.

Clilstore VIDEO 1SCRIPT.pdfExercise 1Exercise 2

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