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Vial Education Lesson Plan

This lesson plan is involved in the Means of transport teaching Unit.

The objectives of this lesson are:

Video- song: Traffic light   

Formative video: Traffic police



1.- Children will watch a short didactic video and after we will work speaking about the use of the traffic light. They will learn the song

2.- Children will watch a didactic video about the different traffic signals. After that, teacher will talk the traffic rules, associating the shape and colour of the traffic signals with their main meaning and the colours of the light-indicators.

 3.- We go to the playground for developing this activity. We will show them a signal card and they have to do the correct action: Stop-stop; greenlight indicator-run; roundabout- turn themselves over...

4.- I will show different traffic signals and ask children about their meaning: danger, obligation or prohibition. Students will stand up when they identify the right option.



The assessment will be formative and summative.

We will take notes about their goals in a daily register with the little and specific objectives we want for this lesson about content and language:

1.- Does he/she recognise the main traffic rules?

2.- Has he/she paid attention during the activity?

3.- Has/she participated in the activities?

4.-Does he/she associate the shapes and colours with the meaning of the traffic lights?

5.- Does he/she tried to express some words in English?


AUTHOR: The lesson plan is mine but the material resources are from Youtube.

Clilstore Video- song: Traffic lightTraffic police

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