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Let's learn how to recycle with Peppa Pig and her family!

                                    We use different bins for different types of waste


Good morning, children!


How are you today? I hope you're feeling very well! I've got a great surprise for you today! Would you like to know what it is? Really? Are you sure?


Today we are going to learn about recycling. Yes, R-E-C-Y-C-L-I-N-G. But first, let's watch what our friend Peppa Pig and her family wants to show us.


But before, just a moment, I want to ask you some questions. Look at this picture and pay attention to the characters you see. Do you know who these characters are? Have you ever watched Peppa Pig cartoons, in which they appear? Do you like it? Which one do you prefer? Why? 

And now yes, let's watch the episode!




Well, it is very interesting and important, isn't it?


Now, we are going to read the story altogether in turns. Remember! If you read a word that you don't understand, just click on it and will get its translation into our language. It's magic!


Mr. Bull, the binman, is collecting the rubbish.

It is early morning so Mr. Bull tries to be as quiet as he can.

But Mr. Bull is not very good at being quiet.

Peppa and George are finishing their breakfast.


—What’s that noise?

—It’s Mr. Bull the binman.

—Hello, Mr. Bull.

—Hello, everyone. Must be off! Lots of rubbish to collect!



—Mr. Bull has emptied the rubbish bin for us.

—Good. Let’s clear up the breakfast things.

—Can we help, Mummy?

—Yes, you can.

—Let’s throw this empty bottle in the bin.

—Peppa, stop!


—We don’t put bottles in the rubbish bin. They can be recycled.

—What does that mean?

—All the things we can’t use again we put in the rubbish bin for Mr. Bull.

—But all the things that can be used again are put in these recycle boxes.

—The red one is for newspapers. The blue one is for tin cans and the green one is for bottles.

—Peppa, you have a bottle, so which box does it go in?

—Emm, the green one.


—This is fun!

—Now, it’s George’s turn. Can you find a newspaper for the red box?


George wants to recycle Daddy’s Pig’s newspaper.


—Ho, ho, I haven’t finished with my newspaper just yet, George. You can have it in a minute. […] All right. Here you are, George.

—Newspapers go in the red box, George.

—Now that we have collected enough things, we can go to the recycle center.

—Hooray! Let’s go!


Mummy Pig has the bottles, Peppa has the tin cans and George has the newspapers.


—Is everybody ready?

—Yes, Daddy Pig!

—Then let’s go!

—Recycle! Recycle! We’re going to recycle…

—Tin cans!



—Recycle! Recycle! We’re going to recycle…


This is Miss Rabbit’s recycle center.

—We’re here!


—Hello, there!

—Hello, Miss Rabbit!

—Have you come to do some recycling?

—Yes, we have.

—Jolly good! Carry on!

—What’s Miss Rabbit doing?

—She’s recycling all the rusty, old cars.


—Who can tell me which bin the bottles go in?

—The green one.

—That’s right.

—And the cans go in the blue one!

—Well done, Peppa.


George wants to recycle the newspapers.


—Ok, George, you can do the newspapers.

—There! That’s enough recycling for one day.

—Yes. Let’s go home.

—Oh, where’s our car gone?


Peppa’s car has disappeared.


—Stand back!


Miss Rabbit is recycling Peppa’s car!


—Stop! That’s our car!

—What? Is it really?

—Yes! Our car isn’t old and rusty!

—Ho, ho, ho. Silly me! I just love recycling.

—Yes, so do we! But we also love our little car!

—Yes, and our little car also loves us too. Don’t’ you?


The end.


Ok, children now it's time to do some activities to check how much you've learnt.

Activity 1 Wild animals need us!

As you know, recycling is very important for all the wild animals who live in nature. Do you know the name of these animals in English? In this activity you have to look at the photos of the animals and match each picture with the correct name. So, click on the link below and let's know the name of these animals!



 Activity 2 This is not rubbish!

Now let's learn which things we can and should recycle, because they are not rubbish! Look at the pictures below and say in which bin can we throw these items. If you don't undersand any word, write it below the activity, click over the word and you will see its meaning in Multidict dictionary. It's very easy!


Paper bin                                  Plastic bin                                                  Glass bin                            

Words that you don't understand: ______________        ______________      ______________      ______________       



 Activity 3 On-line games 

Now, you are going to learn and have fun at the same time with the following ON-LINE GAMES. Follow the links below and prove to everyone your ability and your knowledge about recycling and environment!


First you have to complete this crossword puzzle about animals and places. Click on the picture below to go to the crossword page. Good Luck!

Crossword puzzle


  On-line games  Now, here you are two on-line games to play. Click on the links in the pictures below and start fun!


Plant It Green


Once you've finished, we are going to watch a video and sing Sesame Street’s song “I Love Trash”. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Let's sing everybody!

 Well done! We've finished this Clilstore session. I hope thay you had fun and have reflected on the importance of recycling for our environment.

See you soon!

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