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Around the world: The 7 continents

Oh! Are you looking at the globe and trying to understand the continents?
Let me guide you with this.
Let me guide you about all of it.
As you know the Planet Earth is like a huge ball with the surface made up of land and water.
If you look at the globe you will see that we can see only one side of the Earth at a time but if we strech the surface to get a map, it will look like this one.
This show the entire surface of the Earth: the dark blue areas are water,  and rest of the area is land.
The whole land area of the Earth is divided into 7th parts, these are called: continents.

These continents are continuous Earth landmasses.These continents are: North America; Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and Antarctica.

Let's learn an easy way to remember these names, look at these sentence: "Erin Ate Nine Sticky Appricots At Aprils". "E", is for Europe, "A" is for Asia, "N" is for North America, "S" is for South America. Again, an "A" here is for Africa, another "A" for Australia, and yet another "A" for Antarctica. Remember: "Erin Ate Nine Sticky Appricots At Aprils". And now you can remember the names of all the continents.

Let's now go to each continent to know more about these. Oh! Wow! You are riding an elephant! You are in Asia! It is the biggest continent. It is about one third of all land on the Planet Earth. And also, six out of every ten people on the Earth live here. Which is the world 60% of the population. China and India, World's most populated countries are here. Also, do you know that the ten highest mountain peaks of the World are in Asia? Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the World is also in Asia. Most of the World's religions like Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism originated here.
Oh! Well! You are wearing diamonds and you are eating a chocolate. You seem to be in Africa! Half of the World's diamonds come from Africa. Also, most of the chocolate which you and I love, comes from here. Which is around 50 percent of the total chocolate produced in the World.
World's largest desert Sahara and the Wordl's largest River Nile, is also in Africa. It is the second largest continent among 7 continents. It is also said that the first human lived here. It is situated on the Equator, and that is whay it is very hot.
Oh! Don't be scared! These are kangaroos! These are found only in the Australian continent. In the Australian continent there is only one country which is Australia itself! Apart kangaroos, there are many other unique animals in this continent like Koala and Emus. It also has a sizable sheep population. They say there are 14 times more sheep in Australia than humans. Australia is also the largest Island in the world. In Australia seventy-five percent area is just dessert.
Oh my God! Save yourself! It is an Anaconda! The largest snake in the world. It is only found in South America. Hello! Cool down, have some coffee. Brazil. This country in South America is the World's largest producer of coffee. This continent has the World's Largest river, Amazon, the World's largest Mountain Range and the World's largest Salt Lake. It also has the World's highest volcano and the World's highest waterfall.
Oh! Look at that penguin dancing! This tells you we've come to Antarctica. 98% of this continent is covered with ice. That's why it is called the white or frozen continent. It is the World's coldest, windiest, driest and highest continent. Like desert, there's very less rain here. And that's why it is also called "the cold desert". There are no villages or cities here. 
Wow! We are in Europe! the only continent with no deserts. The World's smallest country, Vatican City, is here. The Pope also lives here. All the countries in Europe have a single currency named Euro. The world's largest country by area, Russia, is situated here. Other important countries are: Britain, France and Germany.

Oh! You see the Statue of Liberty! Uh! We are in North America! Home of the world's largest innovative companies like Apple, Google and Facebook. It is also known as "New World" as it was discovered very late. You see this owl!? It's name is "Elf" and it is the World's smallest owl. It is found in this continent. It is the World's largest producer of mais, weat and soya bean. the world's thrid longest river, Mississipi is also in North America.

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