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One near a beautiful pond, there lived a handsome duck couple.

They were very excited as their babies were about to get hatched from the eggs.

The papa duck was so eager to see his babies

That all he could do was roam here and there in anxiety.

Suddenly, what they hear is sweet little quack quaks coming from the nest

And the papa duck just rushes to the nest to catch the first glimpse of his babies.

Suddenly, a hoarse quack comes from below Mumma Duck.

The papa and mumma duck along with their four babies sail away

Far away from the ugly duckling, leaving him behind in dismay and all alone.

The poor duckling doesn’t know what’s wrong with him.

He checks his wings, his beak, his feet, but all looks fine.

Suddenllly, he turns around and sees his reflection in the pond

and what he sees sends him complete disappointment.

The ugly duckling starts walking in complete sadness

So many days, weeks and months pass by

And the poor ugly duckling wanders all alone in the deep forest.

Suddenly he stops and feels extremely cold.

Suddenly, a huge ball of snow comes rolling from behind

and the poor duckling gets caught in that and starts screaming for help!

A woodcutter, cutting the woods in a  nearby place

Hears the scream of the duckling and runs for help.

Come here, you need something warm to drink.

The woodcutter picks up the ugly duckling

And keep him in the warm of his overcoat.

He takes him home and keeps him wrapped in a warm blanket

Right in front of the fireplace.

And like this many years pass by

And the ugly duckling grew under the care of the woodcutter.

But one thing he made sure

Never did he see his reflection again.

One day, on a sunny afternoon, he was wandering along the sides of a lake.

Suddenly, he sees a Wedge of Swans, swimming in the pond.

Look at those swans, they are so beautiful!

            I have no friends because I am so ugly.

            I feel oh so lonely!

To his amazement, he sees the wedge of swans coming towards him.

What he sees is the most beautiful swan ever.

Not to his surprise he sees then laughing at him.

He decides to turn back when he suddlenly hears the voice of the beautiful swan.

Wait! Where are you going?

See even you guys made fun of me, that’s the reason I never come out.

We laughed because you called yourself a duck.

            And I haven’t seen such a handsome swan ever in my life.

He couldn’t believe of what he just heard and stood there in a state of shock!

And after a few seconds manage to say

The beautiful swan held the hand of the duck and took him near the pond.

            You are a swan!

The ugly duckling very reluctantly bends over the water

Because he doesn’t want to see the ugly him.

But what he sees leaves him in total disbelief.

He is not a duck!

He is a swan!

A handsome young swan.

He jumps and flies and swims in sheer happiness

And then suddenly stops to thank the beautiful swan.

Thank you so much for make me know who I am.

Would you join our wedge? We would live together as a happy family.

And then, the ugly duckling, ups, the handsome swan, jumps into the water

with the rest of the swans

and swims proudly with them.



A Diamond doesn’t know it’s worth till it’s polished!


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