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This is a Clilstore unit. You can link all words to dictionaries.

Charles Darwin and the theory of evolution


1st PART (1h)

Watch this video and fill in the gaps:

I see __________ of green.

Red __________ too.

And I think to my self what a _________  ____________.

The colours of a _____________ so pretty in the sky.



Talk to your partner. What do you think about this video? What animals can you see? Do you think our planet is wonderful? Why?


Do you know the meaning of 'biodiversity'? Can you find on the Internet how many species live in our planet nowadays?


Activity 1. Now watch this video:

Tree of Life BBC

Answer these questions:

1) What has done modern genetics? 

2) How did the life start? Where?

3) Order these animals following the tree of life: dinosaurs - mammals - cells - amphibians - reptiles - birds - sponges


Activity 2. Read this sentence: 

‘Nothing in Biology Makes Sense Except in the Light of Evolution’
(Theodosius Dobzhansky, biologist and evolutionist, 1973)

Talk to your partner: What does he mean with that sentence? Why do you think evolution is important?


Who was Darwin? Learn more about Darwin and his theory of evolution by natural selection in this link:


Click on the top botton 'Endemic' to learn more about endemic species.


Extension. Why are Darwin's finches that important? How long was the Darwin's voyage on board HMS Beagle? Do a research on the Internet.


Activity 3. Look at this picture:

What is that animal? What adaptations can you spot? Do some research about these animals and their adaptations if you need it.


Find on the Internet more images of animals with adaptations (e.g. flying squirrel, anteater, etc.).


Plenary. Write two sentences explaining what you have learnt in this lesson.


2nd PART (1h)

Check this image:

They are siblings, but... why they are different? Think about genetic reasons.


Think about sexual reproduction, meiosis and mutations. Talk to your partner about genetic variability. What is the link between genetics and evolution? Do some research if you need it.


Activity 1. When Darwin discovered his theory of evolution by natural selection, he didn´t know about DNA and genetic variability.

Read this article about Neo-Darwinism:

What are the differences between Darwinism and Neo-Darwinism?


Activity 2. Watch this video about evidence for evolution:


Create a spider diagram with different examples that explain evidence for evolution. You can do a research on the Internet to find more information.





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