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Electronic circuits_3rd of ESO

ELECTRONIC CIRCUITS 3rd of ESO level (2 hour CLIL module)


This 2 hour CLIL module are from the Teaching unit created by myself to make final presentation for this subject.


The 2 hours will divided as follows:

       1.- The learners will have to deal with 2 electronic practice regarding the capacitor (indicated in detail at activities).

       2.- After both of practices the students , will have to explain in groups, to the rest of the class how their practice has been carried out, the problems they found, and how they solved them to make it work.

             - This point will be related to all 4C’s (content, communication, cognition & culture).


Here you can find the activities:


       Connect the circuit from "Circuit & Info" tab, with the switch at position 1 with following values (R=100K, C=330uF, E=4,76V).

       Then calculate the charge of the capacitor (based on 5*R*C).

       After that measure every 10 seconds until the maximum capacity has been reached.

       According to the values you must draw a graph for the charge.


      Now connect the switch at position 2.

      Measure again every 10 seconds until the lowest capacity has been reached.
      According to the values you must draw a graph for discharge.



For the assessment, although the learners average is more than 5, if they did not get at least 5 out of 10 at the activities & oral presentations, they will not pass the subject.


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