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Introduction to GIS

Geographical Information System (GIS)

It appears as a result of the combination of traditional mapping with computer resources and digital processing. They have a number of features like interactivity, a multilayer structure, an underlying database and easy updating, among others.

GIS is defined as as informatical system oriented to the management, analysis and visualization of data related to a territorial extension. It ssociates graphics data (either vector and / or raster) with alphanumeric data from a number of links managed by a database. To this is added intelligent system manipulation methods, using standard programming languages.

 GIS Layers

Currently, we can find every kind of cartographical guides, or viewers, by Internet. The most of them, for free, and with its accuracy sclale.

Among the most common it may be found:

- Google Maps:\

- Google Earth:

- Michelín:

- Campsa:

Particulary, we have at home (Comunitat Valenciana) Terrasit: 



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