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This is a Clilstore unit. You can link all words to dictionaries.

Introduction to Cartography

Session description:

This is a session to introduce the topic and take into account the previous knowledge of the students to adapt the subject to their level.

It is necessary to bear in mind that it is not the first time that treat this subject in the curriculum in subjects such as Social Studies, so they can get a good level. Anyway, we choose an easy video to introduce them. Then, after explaining them how we use the Multidict gadget, we let them time to prepare their presentation.


1st - We carry out a Brain Storming so that students express their previous ideas about the concepts of the unit (10 min.)

2nd – We give them a Glossary of terms and we visualize a video about GIS. Later, we give them some exercises about the video to make at home (5 min.)

3rd – After watching the video, we show them how to use Multidict to prepare a presentation they will have to display the next session (45 min.)

Students distribution:

At the beginning, we will use the blackboard to share their prior ideas, so it does not matter how the students were sitting. Then, students will work in groups of six people, dividing the class into five groups. Because of being in the computer room, they will have three computers per group with the aim to finish the work on time.



Students have to write properly the presentation in English, with no more than three grammar mistakes and it has to show a correct structure in the text (introduction, body and conclusion) with at least, four linkers as we mention previously.

About talking, the student should talk only en English, allowing them to consult some words, but never changing the language.




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