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go any if the slick
me at: we are so
won't structures from the I hope our

took her so
up to a pair
plane issues structures are an important part
are everyday lives you may be wondering mister
or old up
well structured objects thrown by animals and people
maintaining strengthens that the lady structures in our world are usually
specific purpose in line but it's for fun or basic needs for like
let's pick that help
house is actually one of the most common structures week
like is built answers keep
house holds me dreams such as the living room

kitchen bad living room
can redesign is in leading please people to enjoy
other restructures that computer which provide them with entertainment
that's not all did basement to the attic
our house is provided on shelter
we've been only looking at man-made structures but what about
amo mi the amo mi structures we see in the natural environment
are some of the best be risk-free extraordinary damn
provide easy access to food during winter give them protection against
in order to create this truck affected
equip without the use it
she people's exhibit Michael cooperation their stop
cool right beavers
aren't the only anymore create dining structures
do is create the most fascinating instruction
world yes that's right it's a pity
fighter did more than just Kleiber the whiners
spills sticky web that trap
many spiders even build
every day imagine having to rebuild your house every
me struck grated are
the leap remember this
anything Resop
this particular subject migration
until Mon news
the dance not only kill fish the king of the hill other plants and animals living
on to the next
with the changes people's large dams can lead to the extinction of many animals
and huge losses and foremost I was on the only ones who have the ability to
create such destructive structures

humans like you can I create destructive structures all the time
recreate all these towers building
roller coasters and so much more
in the process of getting to you sleep structure history grass train

other lip when creating buildings is
cheese toxic sewage also be empty
by Lee don't be too sad because humans can create some pretty amazing
I'm sure you've seen these fantastic things on the route
well breaking wide shortcuts to be a cause which can decrease the pollution
bridges have to be very strong and stable to stop me from falling
the water now we learned about both
and homemade and human-made structures way for nearly 50 between the two
well they all have a supporting work which give them a specific shade
inside structures I'm creating randomly because we were bored
but instead structures freely because we need them
they serve an important purpose in our lives just like how you can live without
a house
a beaver can't live without it to damp now then learned
all this information about structures well what do you think about the next
time you see one



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