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all right we're talking about push and pull factors pushing both factors what caused people to leave a place in go somewhere else first-round talk about push factors what pushes people to leave are negative things gate they wanna find something better it sucks where I live let me get at here does I know it's better over there now let's think its some examples we can't we have social push factor where society itself is making new leads K this is all about oppressive culture if you're living in a place with rampant racism that is targeting against you then you're probably one elite maybe if you're a woman who wants to get a better life maybe once more control over what you can do in caen earn then maybe you go someplace without or maybe you're a person who wants to be able to a worship as they see fit then there you go those are things that can push you out if you have a state religion that is against you sexism working against you more races marking the issue social pushed up political push factors is all about what the government does om is their war where you are you might wanna leave is their political oppression be's poor folks were trying to gain some some rights and have a say so a look boooooo okay these guys are chasing them down on motorcycles the government was not recognizing the rights individuals then you can have instability nom what I mean by instability is basically that %ah the government in your country cannot maintain control over the country %uh either that means that the government has been switching out every couple years as an these poor for African countries it's bad state of affairs we have going on with this many countries having ans de governments changing constantly economic push factors a maybe you can find a job well I'd leave I maybe there's rampant poverty you want to escape that maybe you want a better life for your family okay let's get up and move maybe there's just a high possibility thing like like in california or lose a huge huge cost for housing I might force people we environmental push factors are all a big big deals here you have national natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina here %uh people didn't have houses com upscaled on its my stuff droughts drugs can be a big issue if there's no rain for an extended period of time then not the plants and animals that people need to survive on can be hard to find if not impossible men finally pollution on this is mexico city skyline that's gross your naps long problems live in there om also more recently now radiation in thein Japan 0 there's radiation all over the place in the food and in the land in everything forcing people to leave a pull factor ZATZ the good games up all factors are what bring people from one place to the place you're going so these are all the positives let's take a look at some social up all factors okay he's basically the opposite in things that were pushed factors a personal freedom by wants to be free sayin do what you please then social equality I feel like I am equal in this country so I'm going to go there my ethnic group is not being oppressed social equality more sociable suck political pull factors can be pains such as just having a peaceful plates gave the United States hasn't experienced the war in its boundaries for a long long time which makes it a good place some justice the feeling of justice that the court system will work in your favor if you have been done wrong on individual rights can be all about again that personal freedom that the government does not cease a take your your property it will not allow people to do you wrong basically now economic rights here we have a higher standard of living okay I can make more money in live a better life here there are more jobs maybe the place is more developed it's just a better life economically on then environmentally again less pollution nice clear skies no health problems and maybe a stable climate which is big deal nowadays maybe your you know I'm just going to be able to predict the weather in some having huge natural disasters from alright that's it basically in a nutshell we've talked about push and pull factors


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