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Blogging on the Internet

Activitiy 1. Fill the gaps:

What is a blog?
originally created from the words _______ ____ a _____ is just that
a blog is the ________ of one's ________, ideas, ________ and more all in one place on the web
you've probably seen them around but, what makes them so great?
blogs are easy to use with a few _______
you can share thoughts, _______, news, anything
your blog is a staple of who you are, the ultimate ________ of you on the web
your blog theme is what controls how your blog _______
you can choose a _______ and _________ it with your own colors and/or __________ images
define the look that fits you
it's easy to change themes as well
see, always be sure that there's a _______ and _____ out there that fits with your personality and makes it easy for ________ to find what they're looking for
most blog teams are made up of four main ________
the _______, the _______, the ______ and the _______
the header is comprised of your blog's title or ____ if you have one in your main _______ menu
the menu is the way to your ______ should be easily able to navigate the content of your _____
menus are a natural part of our ____ experience it should link _______ to the various content and pages found your blog
________, blogs usually have them
this area generally includes ______ and things you want to highlight such as your favorite ______, popular content on your blog, recent activity, ________ options and social media tools just to name a few
the ______ rest of the bottom of your blog
this is typically used to display content that doesn't often change but that you would like your readers to have easy access to
including ____ to read more about you or a link to a contact page
lastly and most important area of your blog is the body the main content area
usually this is the primary reason people have come to your blog
it's where your thoughts and ideas come to life as you share them within the post or page the content lies within
_____, page what's the difference?
pages are different from posts
there are normally static displaying standard content such as an about me or contact page
the post on the other hand are all the good stuff for you _____ your thoughts
in a standard blog format, post get shown on the main page of your blog usually in an order that places the most recent and relevant information at the very top of the list
these are things like your ______ ______ or news about your niche topic
when a new stories posted it appears that the top of your blog for the world to see
this used to be done in _____
hosts are an online version of a journal entry made public for others to see
best of all, posts give the option for a ________ section as well
so others can add their thoughts to yours share a conversation with you or just provide _________ about your blog
this brings a community element to blogs making them a popular medium of expression and information _______
blogs make it easy to share _______, videos and other types of media files, giving you complete freedom of ______ expression
and now, with the popularity of mobile phones, your blog anytime from anywhere in the palm of your hand
blog are for everyone and people of all ages share on blogs everyday for school work and play
but no matter what you want to do, blogging is a great way to connect with other people and get your ideas out there
so, what are you waiting for?
get in on the fun and start blogging today


Activity 2. Working in groups, investigate about a list of blogs related to art and culture from England ( ). Chose one and determine the different parts that conform the blog. Extract the purpose of the blog and elaborate a very short presentation about it.

Activity 3. Read the next article about netiquette: Why do people create blogs for free? Why is so important to be familiarized with netiquette? Will you create a blog? About what?

Activity 4. Make a summary about all the things youthey have done with a brief reflexion about its importance and what you have learned.


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