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Teaching family from Peppa Pig

I'm Peppa Pig.

This is my little brother George,

this is mummy Pig,

and this is daddy Pig.







This is Peppa Pig's family.


Once you have seen the video, you can paint a drawing about it clicking on the button "Paint Peppa's family". Can you remember what colors do the family have?



Then, you can make finger puppets with the characters of this popular series and play with them. To do so, click on the button "Finger puppets", print the PDF document paint some of the characters, cut the shapes and glue the paper strip so that you can put a finger inside.




Whenever you are ready, you can also play a game clicking the "Family tree game" button. You will need to review the vocabulary from the Peppa's video and identify the members of someone's family on a family tree. Remember that the lowest row is for who is talking and his or her brothers and sisters; the row in the middle is for daddies and mummies, and de higher row is for grandpas and grandmas (or grannies).



Finally, you can make the test. It is a matching activity with Peppa Pig characters.


Good luck!

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