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History of Rock

Activity 1: Listen to the video and read the transcription below. Click on the words if you need to know their meaning.

Chuck: Yeeeeaaah! Welcome to the Rock&Roll room!

Ramona: Listen to that. You hear it?

Chuck: Yeah! Is the power of Rock & Roll!

Hey, Ramona, let's break down that rocking sound.

Rock music started when?

Ramona: The 1940's and 1950's.

Chuck: Where?

Ramona: Cities all over the United States: New York, Memphis, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland...

Chuck: By who?

Ramona: Musicians of all kinds: blues musicians, jazz musicians, country musicians...

Chuck: That's right! These musicians started mixing elements of blues, jazz, country and gospel together!

Ramona: They also had access to technology that was brand new at the time. Stuff like electric guitars, amplifiers, and microphones.

Chuck: And because lots of teenagers were looking for new kinds of exciting music.

Ramona: A new musical style was born.

Chuck and Ramona: Rock & Roll!

Chuck: Yeah! And what instruments did they use to get that rock & roll sound?

Ramona: Electric guitar, bass, piano, and saxophone were some of the most popular.

Chuck: And the drum kit usually made up of a bass drum, snare drum, toms, a hi-hat and cymbals.

Ramona: You get the chance to play with some of those later.

Chuck: That's right! Now, Ramona... What was the early Rock & Roll sound?

Ramona: Well, musicians took up boogie-woogie rhythm, like this: [piano sound].

And emphasize the backbeat, like this: [drum kit sound adds].

Chuck: You hear that?

Ramona: Then they layered on some instruments like saxophone, bass and guitar. [saxophone sound adds].

Chuck: OK! Here's the deal! Huge rock stravaganza the more coming up! I want that game! I want it! So we gonna turn ourselves into the hotest rock band in town! Schwa! Then your jokes Rock & Roll explosion! Ieeeeah! [vocal sounds imitating a guitar].

Ramona: Check it! Gear up and plug in. You're ready to practise!

Activity 2: Make a tree diagram on Popplet about the styles that preceded the Rock & Roll. Please add videos and pictures about the different musical styles. Use the information that you have learned in the video and take a glance at the following clues.

Activity 3: in groups of 5 people, choose only one of the following items and complete it.

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