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"Come on, Move and Freeze" - Action Songs for Children -






Come on, move and freeze. X4

Put your right hand on your left knee, your left hand on your right. Your knees move in and out. Your hands stay tight. Now keep on with your moving but switch hands on your knees.


Keep on moving in and out till we say free.



Come on, move and freeze. X4

Put one hand across your shoulder, one hand across your back. Now jump in place. Do you like it like that? Yeah!

Now switch hands across your shoulders, and switch hands across your back. Now just be nimble, just be quick, just like Jack.



Come on, jump and freeze. X4

Everybody shake your body from your head to your feet and don’t stop shaking until we stop the beat.

Shake it to the east and shake to the west.

Shake it. X3

With my friends

Who are the best?


Come on, shake and freeze. X4

Put your right hand on your head, your left on someone’s knee. Now turn once in a circle and buzz like a bee BZZZ!

Now turn the other way. Don’t let go or lose your spot. Keep turning left.

Keep turning right. Until the music stops.



Come on, turn and freeze. X4

“Alright you can move now”

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