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The color monster

ice ranks its story time can't
daily being a color monster a pop-up
my friend today he's feeling all mixed up
he doesn't understand II she
monster your jumbled up
I love you motion all other colors too I know
you separate your feelings and put each one and on Jr
if you'd like I can help this happiness it shines yellow like this
twinkle like the star when you're happy last jumped in
and play you wanna share that feeling but this
its gentle like every day
said night what all
it is
anger it blazes right red your angry
you wanna stop enrolling shout it's not fair
this is fear hide
blackshot when you're free field tiny
help fear makes it hard this is
yes light already
would when you come here slowly and deeply
feel p all year
in easier to understand
are mixed together said
but wait there's one leftover

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