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Farm Animals

Aimed for students in kindergarten (5 Yeras)


We will start the lesson passing list putting the photo of the students wha had come to class within a stable and those who didn't come within a farm. After we will sing the song "Hello, How are you today?"



We will see diferents animals using flashcards and we will review old vocabulario. The children will have to identify wich animals are farm animals and learn their names. To make it easy and fun they will learn the song "Old McDonald had a farma" from Super Simple Songs.

After this and in order that students internalize the new concepts we will do a worksheet "Play I spy" where the children will have to see how many animalsbegin with the letter that appears at the botton of the page and write the number. After they will colour the worksheet.



We will finish by singing "The Goodbye Song".

Clilstore Hello SongOld McDonald SongThe Goodbye SongWorksheet

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