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Recycling is fun!


Recycling is very important buy, nowadays, seams that people doesn't know it. As one of the aims of the Childhood Education, as is found in the Decree 108/2014, is to know about the world and to respect it, here is a project to make children know the importance of taking care of the world.


5 years old

Learning outcomes

To learn the importance of recycling 

To take into consideration our planet and the importance of taking care about it

To differentiate the types of trash cans, specially the most common on the street

To review the names of the colors related to this lesson

To increase the vocabulary related to the subject

Subject content

The 3 R's. What they are?

Recycling. Everyone can do it?

Different types of trash cans that we can find in the street: glass, plastic, organic, paper. How to use it.

Some consequences of non-recycling vs. benefits of recycling.

Language content

Nouns: Recycling, glass, plastic, organic, paper, trash can, rubbish, contamination, packaging, environment, damage, decomposition, container,

Adjectives: Contaminated, clean, useful, dispensable, reusable, recycled, old, new,

Verbs: Reduce, reuse, recycle, contaminate, classify, save, turn on/off, collect, store


Basic structures:

Do you...? - Yes/Yes I do. No/No I don't.

What is...? - This is a/an.... It is a/an...

Have you...? - Yes I have. No I don't.

Are you...? - Yes I am. No I don't.

Can you...? - Yes I can. No I can't.


I agree. I disagree

What do you think? - I think


Can you repeat please?

I don't understand

I don't know

What does it mean?

Type of discourse:

Argument, Dialogue, Description, Narrative

Linguistic Skills:

Listening, Speaking, Writing

Contextual Element:

Pupils have 4 years old, so this is a very visual teaching unit. It uses lots of pictures, photos and graphic elements. Activities are dynamic.

Cognitive Processes

  1. Understand the vocabulary
  2. Learn how to use the vocabulary
  3. Memorize the vocabulary
  4. Apply the knowledge in the real world
  5. Identify the trash cans and its content
  6. Realize the importance of recycling and taking care of the world
  7. Talk about the importance of recycling
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