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Exploring the moon

In this lesson we are going to travel to the moon to discover their main features and its movements and phases.

ACTIVITY 1: BRAINSTORMING. What do you know about the moon?

Pair up and think if the following statements are TRUE or FALSE:

- The moon brights because it is a star

- The moon is a satellite

- The Earth moves around the moon

- The moon always keeps the same side facing the Earth

- Neil Armstrong was the first person to walk on the Moon

After that, share your ideas with your classmates and make a pannel with your agreements about moon's features.

ACTIVITY 2: SPEAKING TASK. Now, let’s look at this image. Then, think about the above questions and try to answer them.

- Is the Moon always the same? Is its shape the same or does it have different

- Is the shape similar to a letter?

Now try to make sentences about what you think about the Moon with the help of this substitution table.

ACTIVITY 3: LISTENING TASK. Listen and watch carefully the following video about the Moon's phases.

ACTIVITY 4:  WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNT? After watching the video, review what you have learnt with Exercise 1, a picture-name match exercise, and Exercise 2, a crossword about moon's phases.


Make groups of 3-5 students and create the Moon's phases with Oreo cookies. Apply what you have learnt and remember to label its different phases. Then, we could organize an exposition with your creations and invite the whole school to visit it.


Now you should be an expert about the Moon. So, it is time to check what you really know. Make the Quiz and share your results with your classmates.

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