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This is a Clilstore unit. You can link all words to dictionaries.

It's Christmas time!



Christmas is coming!

The first thing we have to do in this Unit 5 of Social Science about Christmas is watch and listen this video from Youtube.

This video show us the different characteristics that our traditional spanish Christmas has. After watching the video, you must comment it with your peer, and both have to think about the vocabulary you don't understand. Then, try to write it and look up the dictionary or ask the teacher (ask to me) if you don't know how to write an specific word. You have a link to Multidict at the label above called "Dictionary".

The second activity we are going to do is to review Christmas vocabulary with flashcards that you can find in "Christmas words" label. Then next step is to practice these words in a crossword (at "Christmas crossword" label) made with Hot Potatoes skill. 

And the third activity to do is thinking about how our family celebrates Christmas. You have to prepare a little presentation with pictures and show it to us the next week in social science class.

That presentation will be an individual assessment that the whole group have to assess. The final mark of this work will be 60% my mark (teachers' mark) and 40% the average of your mark (classmates' marks).

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