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What do you think when you look at me?

Hi everybody! First of all I would like to introduce myself. My name is Laura and I am a student of applied foreign languages study programme In the College of Marijampole in Lithuania. My speech is based on our opinions about Muslim people. Who are they? Are they brain washed? Is it to do with religion? Culture? What do we think about them?

I found an interesting speech on, which was done by Dalia Mogahed. Dalia is muslin and is tries to explain to people who they are. She knows that most of us think that all of the Muslims are terrorists. She doesn‘t blame the people who have no idea about Muslims. As she says, if they have never met Muslims, they can‘t know who they are. The media plays very important role in our lives. There were so many terrorist attacks in the last few years across the world. And most of the attacks were done by Muslims. So no wonder why people have their bad opinions about Muslims.

The study shows that 80% of all the Americans have bad opinion about Muslims. Also the study showed that most of them have never met Muslim people in their lives.

Dalia in her speech said that she is one of us. She is a mom, she is a coffee lover, fitness fanatic, and she is a Muslim. This is her religion. She was 17 years old, when she decided to be a Muslim. She couldn‘t live the life, that you have to a beauty, that one of the most important thing is how you look like. She was looking for something deeper. She understood that god love he the way she is. Dalia was living a dream life until the 11th of September 2011, when the biggest terrorist attack happened. When this happened she tried to hide herself. That was the first time when she didn‘t want people to know she is Muslim, as most of the people were thinking all the Muslims are terrorists. The Politian’s were starting talking to get rid of Muslims. Bus Muslim people are the part of the country. Some of them are very educated. They are teachers, doctors. How about these people who helped America?

Dalia speaks about the ISIS. She states that we cannot judge all the 1.6 bill Muslims because of the ISIS. They can‘t represent all of the Muslims. This is just unfair.

Dalia states that Islamic phobia is a response to all terrorism attacks. It shouldn‘t be like that. Terrorist might use this as a tool of public manipulation.

She thinks all the religions should be friendly to each other. We are all a part of this world and it‘s up to the people how friendly the world will be.


Thanks for taking time to listen to my speech.

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