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Feudalism in Medieval Europe


Thematic block "Medieval Europe".

0:17. Feudalism was a political and economic system during the Middle Ages, from around the 8th century to the 15th century AD, so it was a system that losses to many hundreds of years. Feudalism involved four levels of society; the king was on the top as he was the leader of the entire Kingdom, beneath him were the feudal lords also known as nobles or barons, and these for the wealthy landowners following the Lord were knight or vassals and their role was as fighting warriors, they usually battled on horseback. Finally, on the bottom of society were the peasants or servants who worked the land, raising crops and animals; they were the poorest members of the medieval world, made up with the biggest majority of the population. In these four social levels feudalism works through an exchange of land for protection, money or food.

1:14. Let’s have a look at these in more detail.

In the early Middle ages Europe was very unstable due to wars and invasions; the king is quite awake and struggles to rule their entire kingdom by themselves. The system of feudalism arose as a matter of security for those European kings who decided it would be the best to buy the land up so they do not have to look after such a large area alone. If he strengthens the whole kingdom, it would then be hard for foreign people to invade.

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