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This is a Clilstore unit. You can link all words to dictionaries.

Bees' anatomy and physiology

Bees' anatomy and physiology

Stage 1: Introduction

Let's do a brainstorm!

Have a look at this picture...and raise your hand to answer the questions, try to do it in English ;)

Honey bee heavily laden with pollen

Write down in your notebook the main ideas your teacher has written on the blackboard.

Stage 2: Activities

Let's watch a video!

We are going to watch it twice, first time subtitled and second time without subtitles.

After the first visualization, let's talk about what have you listened to and understood, all toghether.

After the second visualization, there is an individual activity.

Now work in pairs. Follow the link (3) to see an image of the three bee casts:

Stage 3: Work group

If you are faster than your peers, while you are waiting, visit this web (5) to learn something else about bee mouthparts. Later you can tell your peers to include the information on the poster.

Join a 4-6 people per group and start your Unit Poster sharing the information you have obtained.

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