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This is a Clilstore unit. You can link all words to dictionaries.


Today, we start the lesson introducing some amazing endangered animals.

Let's watch the video 1 linked and try to think about which is the common point between those animals.

Join in groups of 4 people and have a look about the word "endangered". What is the meaning of the mot? How do you explain it to your colleges? We will watch a new video using the link on window "video 1". This video will show different extinct and endangered animals giving a definition of both mots. However, we will only focus on the meaning of the mots and not on the animals we will see at the video.

Actually, we know the basic meaning of the topic we are working in. It is the moment to remember the animals watched before. Can you recognise them? Go to Exercise 1 and try to join the names with the different pictures.

See the window call "Print sheet". In pairs, you should colour those animals considered endangered animals, writing down their names and discussing why they could be in danger.

Clilstore VIDEO 1Exercise 1Print sheet

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